A reflection on brand origins, bringing fragrances to life


From desert to jungle, island to city, Aman’s intimate sanctuaries provide a nurturing space for body, mind and spirit. With nurture comes growth, and in 2018 we helped launch the brand’s first range of all-natural skincare products; extending the Aman holistic approach and bringing its spa expertise to the home.

Having taken these first steps, our journey continued with the Aman guest in mind; finding inspiration in their shared stories and heartfelt memories of time spent at Amans around the world, and the extraordinary environments in which each is set.

More than simple narrative, these stories are filled with sensory reflections of sight, sound, taste, touch – and scent, where fragrances hold the unique power to evoke fond memories and personal moments.



A collection of five unique fragrances starts this new tale, each inspired by one of the brand’s destinations; echoing their distinct characteristics to uplift and revisit past Aman memories, and an engaging way to welcome new individuals to the brand.

With each fragrance finely crafted in Grasse, France by master perfumer Jacques Chabert, our design approach for the bottle and packaging was founded in complementing each scent through sight and touch; reflecting on each destination with colour, and considered design that remains true to the brand origins.

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Born from nature, the colour tones were sourced from resort environments, surrounding scenery and local hues; specially selected to radiate warmth and convey a sense of each scent profile.

The iconic silhouette complements the Aman Skincare family of bottles and jars, and honours their origin as designs of renowned Japanese architect, academic and author, Kengo Kuma, who shares Aman’s approach to nature and design.

To finish, a matte vignette helps to enhance colour, tactility and luminosity, while paying homage to the breathtaking views taken in on resort at sunset; a soothing, spectral sky blending into glistening, glassy sea waters.



Inspired by Kumiko, a Japanese woodworking tradition of over 1400 years old, the bottles are encased in boxes made of Paulownia wood and hand-finished in Japan, topped with a fine laser-cut lid and unique pattern paired with each scent.

The outer packaging takes inspiration from traditional Japanese design principles of gift wrapping. Using an exquisitely textured Takeo paper made in Japan, each Paulownia box is carefully wrapped by hand before the label is added as a finishing touch.



A reflection on traditional Japanese design principles of duality and the relationships between two opposing incidents, such as the raw and refined found in Wabi Sabi, the light and dark of Shibumi or the appreciation of negative space created by objects in Ma.

Our art direction and narrative was centred around the beautiful consequence of when two worlds meet: traditional and contemporary, delicate and substantial, local and global, intricate and instant …

Still photography and motion video: the handoff between the opposing mediums became our aesthetic worlds; one of timeless tradition, rarity and setting, the other a cascade of movement, fidelity and depth.